Our Product

Functionality for Real Solutions

We offer a modern, scalable, cloud-based system for your Anatomic and Molecular Pathology (AP) lab information tracking, report generation, report distribution, billing, and collaboration with the lab clients.

  • Enables pathologists and other lab professionals to improve their productivity while improving the quality and accuracy of diagnostic reporting
  • Maximizes allowable revenue and shortens collection times through accurate diagnosis coding and billing reports
  • Has been designed by a team of highly experienced pathologists, software professionals, and billing experts
  • Frees up the lab from the costly software, network and hardware installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Includes a unique Diagnosis Template Engine capitalizing on years of Pathology experience of grossing, interpreting slides, lab billing and generating complete pathology reports and promptly distributing them with fast turn-around time.
  • Offers operational reports to support regulatory requirements and to run your lab efficiently and cost effectively
  • Exports data for "Big Data" projects, Analytics and integration for datawarehousing
  • May be 10x less expensive than the traditional AP software with pricing based on a low monthly subscription model and no upfront license fees
  • Supports multiple geographical lab locations

We are passionate about satisfying the needs of the worldwide pathology community utilizing modern web-based software technology tools and practices. We are also committed to interfacing your existing software to ours having already completed numerous iterfaces to receive orders from and to send results to several popular EMR, billing, and other lab systems. Despite our rich functionality, if there are any features, interfaces or report formats required, our consulting team is very experienced in handling the toughest challenges. Sample lab operations reports are shown below: