About Us

Speeding Your Pathology Lab Workflow

Our mission is to improve the quality and productivity of pathology and other medical labs with cost-effective laboratory information management software solutions by applying standards-based innovative technologies. It is our belief that the healthcare industry has an unsatisfied need for streamlining its business processes with the help of technology.

Company History

The idea for the company originated with the founders' vast experience of building innovative laboratory information system products and services for the enterprise and small businesses in a number of industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and web-publishing. Inspired by the entrepreneurial culture of the Silicon Valley, CA, we have developed a passion of applying technology to streamline the workflow of and the diagnosis reporting by the pathology labs. Many small to medium-sized labs are unable to deal with the record keeping required to comply with a myriad of healthcare industry regulations and patient privacy guidelines (HIPAA) which we have successfully addressed. We believe that the lab professionals ought to focus on their areas of expertise rather than having to deal with the expense and hassles of managing the underlying software and information technology (IT) infrastructure. We also believe that our innovative solution will help reduce the lab expenses resulting in cutting the rising healthcare costs.